SELECTPro Automated Online Interviewing

SELECTPro® saves time by enabling you to conduct Automated Online Interviews to screen candidates before meeting with them. You can design custom Automated Online Interviews quickly using the same questions and skill areas used for the SELECTPro Face-to-Face Selection Interview Guides. Automated Online Interviewing allows you to create, send, save, manage and evaluate candidates through the internet. Once again, the questions have been written for you to simplify your interview design task.

ROI for Automated Online Interviews

In a typical first-round interview, a company may have eight candidates and want three managers to interview each candidate for about an hour. That is three full days of lost productivity by already busy managers and potentially thousands of dollars in expenses to bring all eight candidates in for an interview.

With SELECTPro's Automated Online Interviewing, the hiring manager can create an Online Interview for the open position in about 20 minutes. SELECTPro sends an email invitation to each candidate explaining everything they need to do. The candidates each provide written responses to the selected interview questions on their own time. When they are finished, the hiring manager receives each candidate's written responses. The three managers may then spend only 10 minutes reading each candidate's responses. What used to take three full days of work time can now be accomplished in just one morning.

Traditional Interviewing:

    3 managers x 8 candidates x 1 hour each
       = 24 paid hours + transportation & food expenses

Automated Online Interviewing:

    20 mins + 3 managers x 8 candidates x 10 mins each
       = 4.33 paid hours

With Automated Online Interviews You Can

  • Develop custom Automated Online Interviews in minutes
  • Use or adapt the sample Selection Interview Guides provided
  • Invite candidates to interview with the click of your mouse
  • Email completed online Interview Guides as PDF files
  • Include your own interview questions in the Online Interview
  • Choose from over 500 behavioral interview questions covering almost 50 skill areas
  • Save Automated Online Interviews for future use or modification
  • Meet legal guidelines for fair employment practices
  • Add a valuable tool to your pre-interview screening process
  • Standardize interview process for consistent interviewing
  • Gather information from candidates on topics critical for making employment decisions

How Automated Online Interviews Work

SELECTPro Automated Online Interviewing allows you to screen candidates before taking the time and expense to conduct face-to-face interviews. Here is how it works:

  1. You determine a small pool of candidates that you may be interested in interviewing face-to-face.
  2. You develop a SELECTPro Automated Online Interview using the easy to use tools on the website.
  3. You invite the candidates to visit's website to provide written responses to the interview questions.
  4. The candidates respond to your SELECTPro Automated Online Interview under the guidelines you establish and you receive each candidate's completed Online Interview guide.
  5. The information you receive helps you decide which candidates to include in the face-to-face interviewers.

Features and Benefits

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs
SELECTPro Automated Online Interviewing lets you choose the interview questions that meet the needs of the particular position and your organization.

Consistency and Accuracy
SELECTPro allows you to design each Automated Online Interview around a specific position which helps focus on data that is critical to making a decision based on sound information. This provides consistency from candidate to candidate.

Legal Credibility
SELECTPro helps your organization meet legal guidelines for fair employment practices.

Time and Cost Savings
By hiring the right person, the first time.

Reduced Turnover, Enhanced Productivity, Higher Employee Morale
By having a better skill fit between the employee and the job; which results in more effective employees.

Dr. Lawrence A. Pfaff

Meet Dr. Pfaff, the author of SELECTPro and a consultant in the areas of employee selection techniques, management development, team building, organizational needs assessment, and performance appraisal.