Sample Interview Guide

SELECTPro® allows the interviewer or Human Resource professional to easily create an Interview Guide. This is in essence a script for conducting the hiring interview. The Interview Guide contains a list of job relevant questions that the interviewer asks during the interview.

Selection is a game of chance. Smart interviewers know how to play the game by using a legal, systematic process to maximize their potential for success.

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Sample Completed Online Interview Guide

After a candidate completes the Automated Online Interview, the hiring manager receives the candidate's Completed Online Interview Guide as an Acrobat PDF document. The guide contains information about the open position, the questions, the candidate's responses, and an evaluation sheet.

Sample Completed Online Interview Guide View a Sample Completed Online Interview Guide

You will need an Acrobat PDF reader installed to view the samples. If you don't have one installed, you can freely download Adobe® Acrobat Reader here: