SELECTPro® is a web-based program designed to help interviewers design and organize selection interviews.  It allows the interviewer (or Human Resource professional) to easily create an Interview Guide. The Interview Guide is a document that the interviewer uses to conduct the job interview. The Interview Guide is, in essence, a script for conducting the hiring interview. The Interview Guide contains a list of job-relevant questions that the interviewer asks during the interview.

SELECTPro provides a list of over 500 behavioral interview questions covering almost 50 job skills. Prior to the arrival of the job candidate, the interviewer uses SELECTPro to create a unique Interview Guide for the position.

SELECTPro Interview Guides

SELECTPro saves time by enabling you to design custom Selection Interview Guides in a fraction of the time traditional methods would require. It allows you to create, download (as a PDF file), print, save and modify Interview Guides for each position within your organization. And it simplifies the task of choosing which questions to ask job candidates because the questions have been written for you.

With SELECTPro You Can

  • Develop custom Selection Interview Guides in minutes
  • Use or adapt the sample Selection Interview Guides provided
  • Print Interview Guides with the click of your mouse
  • Email Interview Guides as PDF files
  • Include your own interview questions in the Interview Guide
  • Choose from over 500 behavioral interview questions covering almost 50 skill areas
  • Save Interview Guides for future use or modification
  • Meet legal guidelines for fair employment practices
  • Standardize interview process for consistent interviewing
  • Focus interviews on topics critical for making employment decisions

Features and Benefits

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs
SELECTPro lets you choose the interview questions that meet the needs of the particular position and your organization.

Consistency and Accuracy
The application allows you to design each interview around a specific position which helps interviewers to focus on data that is critical to making a decision based on sound information. This provides consistency from candidate to candidate and from interviewer to interviewer.

Legal Credibility
SELECTPro helps your organization meet legal guidelines for fair employment practices.

Time and Cost Savings
By hiring the right person, the first time.

Reduced Turnover, Enhanced Productivity, Higher Employee Morale
By having a better skill fit between the employee and the job. Which results in more effective employees.

Dr. Lawrence A. Pfaff

Meet Dr. Pfaff, the author of SELECTPro and a consultant in the areas of employee selection techniques, management development, team building, organizational needs assessment, and performance appraisal.

What Others Are Saying About SELECTPro

"Use a human resources program such as SELECTPro to help you write interview questions. It lets you create a structured, consistent interview."

-- Home Office Computing

"SELECTPro represents a cost-effective acquisition to help an employer systematize and streamline interviewing."

-- HR Magazine

"Purchasers will realize that SELECTPro is a handy tool that can help them work smarter."

-- HR Magazine

Automated Online Interviewing

Using the same set of highly effective, behavior-based interview questions, employers can create an interview that candidates can take over the web--on their own time. The employer creates the set of questions and invites candidates to visit the SELECTPro website, the candidates provide written answers to the interview questions, and then the hiring manager simply reads their answers when it is convenient to him or her.

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