SELECTPro Selection Interview Training Program

The Selection Interview Training Program allows an organization to provide in-house selection interview training to employees. It equips the organization with the greatest potential for improving selection interviewing. The training can be provided by someone at SELECTPro or it can be licensed for in-house delivery. It is typically used by Human Resource professionals and managers in the support of individuals who conduct selection interviews. The target audience is typically managers and supervisors who conduct such interviews, but it may include anyone involved in the interview process.

The Selection Interview Training Program allows an organization to streamline and standardize its selection interviewing process. This is done through the use of two tools. First, the SELECTPro interview handbook is a short guide that is available as an ongoing reference tool to clients. Second, the materials for a one-day (or less) training program are provided to teach hiring personnel the behavioral interview process.

The Selection Interview Training Program covers all aspects of the interview process from defining the job/skills to conducting the interview. The SELECTPro Selection Interview Training Program is based on sound behavioral interviewing principles and practical experience. It is usually done in a one-day format that integrates formal presentation, trainee participation, real-world examples and role-play exercises.

The principals taught in the training program nicely complement the interview guide creation software, but use of is not required. Membership in will be enhanced after taking the training, but the training program focuses on the interview process and the concepts that the software is built on, not on the software itself.

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Training Provided by SELECTPro

When provided by us, the program is typically delivered by Dr. Larry Pfaff, developer of SELECTPro. It can be done for groups ranging in size from 5 to 100 participants.

What the participants get:

  • Participant Handout Materials
  • The Selection Interview Handbook
  • Practice in behavioral interviewing.
  • Practice in developing custom interview guides.

In-House Delivery

When licensed for in-house use, all components of the training program are available to the purchasing organization. This is the best value for companies with many people involved in the selection interview process.

What the organization gets:

  • Training Leader's Manual
  • The Selection Interview Handbook
  • Participant Handout Materials
  • The complete package of color overhead Masters on disk (Microsoft® PowerPoint® document)
  • License for internal reproduction of all printed material (Selection Interview Handbook, Overheads, Participant Materials, and Leader's Manual)

The Leader's Manual contains detailed information on conducting all activities. The Manual is designed to minimize trainer preparation and make the program easy to deliver. There is an optional train-the-trainer program that is available to clients at the installation of the SELECTPro in-house training program.


There are several levels of customization available. The standard training format is a one-day program. The client may request that the training program be customized to as short as two hours in length.


For training provided by SELECTPro at your location the cost is $2,500 plus all expenses for up to 15 participants. For groups over 15 the cost is $125 for each additional participant.

For delivery of the SELECTPro training program by your own in-house personnel, the initial licensing fee is $10,000 for organizations of up to 500 employees. For larger organizations a specific price can be quoted.

Both training packages can be customized and delivered in programs as short as two hours in length. Contact us for information about prices on customized training formats.

Participants in the training program are also eligible for a discount toward membership fees in's interview guide software.

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