Selection Interviewing Course

Our online, on-demand Selection Interviewing course allows an organization to provide high quality selection interview training to key people involved in the interviewing process in an extremely cost effective manner.

The Selection Interviewing course, combined with the interview guide software, equips an organization with the greatest potential for improving their selection interviewing process. The Selection Interviewing course is totally self-contained and available remotely. It can be used by Human Resource professionals, hiring managers and any other individuals who conduct selection interviews. The target audience is typically managers and supervisors who conduct such interviews, but the course is essential to anyone conducting or participating in hiring interviews. The course material is also appropriate for all levels of candidates, from entry level to executive.

The Selection Interview Training course shows you how to streamline, standardize and improve your selection interviewing process. The course participants learn:

  • The 5 Step selection process
  • The 7 different types of interview questions
  • The best way to structure the interview
  • How to evaluate candidate answers
  • The 7 phases of the interview session
  • What to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the interview
  • And much, much more...

The course contains 16 video lectures (90+ minutes total) and 20 downloadable, reproducible resources, including the 25 page Selection Interview Handbook.

The course covers all aspects of the interview process from defining the job/skills to conducting the interview, to what to do after the interview. It is based on sound behavioral interviewing principles and practical experience.

The skills and principals taught in the course complement the interview guide creation software and vice versa. And they can be used independently or together.

Start using the Selection Interviewing course right now.


The list price for the selection Interviewing course is $84.99 per participant. Check with us for special pricing.

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